Hi everyone! My Name is Eve, and like most people, I struggled when i was younger, which lead to a decline in my mental health during my teenage years. 

Finding yoga saved my life.

I practiced my Level 3 Diploma in Yoga Teacher Practitioner with the YMCAFit school, and I will be forever grateful to my yoga teacher trainer - Liz Whitham, As a professional yoga teacher, my passion is to guide people towards a happier, more intuitive lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your physical health, schedule and most importantly, your mental health. I aim to help you, help yourself.

Weather that's to lose weight, improve any conditions, become more spiritual/flexible, meet new people; or change your life for the better by reducing anxiety, and improving your self awareness. Through group classes, workshops, member forums, privates and blog posts, we can all come together as a community to support our individual journeys.

Level 3 Yoga Teacher and Practitioner - YMCAFit 2020         Level 2 First Aid Trained.       

Crystal Healing and Reflexology.