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Yoga Wheel – Alphabet Project ‘P’

Recently, a few of the girls in the Yogi community over on Instagram began a project for International Yoga day. I was flattered to be a part of this and had to get involved! To meet, work with and support incredible, inspirational woman all over the world.

The project is named ‘Yoga Alphabet’ and I was given ‘P’… At first, I found this hard as I struggle a lot with my back flexibility, so asanas such as Dancer etc were out of the question.

I had to think out of the box, and thought this could be a great opportunity to express myself and my new found love/acceptance for my body. I grabbed my Wheel, and came up with the photo above.

Overall, although I’m nervous to put this out there, its also allowed me to gain confidence and love myself more and more. I’m overly excited to see the final result, and see how the project’s turned out. I will definitely be sharing the completed Photo. including all the socials for the beautiful people taking part. Keep your eyes out on the 21st June!

Hope everyone has a lovely day and remember, never stop being creative.

Express yourself however you feel and don’t let anyone stop you from flying… 🙌🤭💛

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