Confidence: Behind the Smile.

To me, confidence is something everyone strives for and yet is somewhat looked down on, envied and judged. Is it really achievable? Or is what we really portray is just acceptance of who we are and our situation right then in that very moment.

What really does this mean right now for most of our society?

Just because someone’s posting what you would see as “good” photos, lots of positivity and smiles, or the most beautiful things, just remember that there’s still a life beyond the camera. When on social media, people tend to post the happier times, where they feel good about themselves, also to inspire or motivate others; Especially in the fitness, yoga / mental health community. But when we see this, particularly when we may be in a low mood, it can be hard to see others with said “confidence” and subconsciously we envy them, and automatically think they have all their ducks in order, or their life is perfect.

Maybe a reason they’re posting such things, could be to try bring back a good feeling, possibly to mask that they’re sat crying or hurt or anxious as hell to click that post button. Point being – we never know whats actually going on in someone’s life, so don’t judge anyone based on what they chose to show. Its not even half of it…

Everyone chooses what they post, what they show to the world. It’s extremely easy to see life based on everything on social media, and people forget* that this isn’t a real representation of someone’s life. When you say to people they don’t look ill, or how well they’re doing, just think before you speak, because for most people. Those few moments every day are our life line. Yes we all struggle, and yes we can still be happy, have good days, feel pretty and post it!

People message me a lot more often now I post more regularly, telling me how well I’m doing, how healthy i look. However, little do they know, that’s only a few seconds in a day that I’ve managed to fake a smile or been lucky enough to feel good for a short time. But I can’t be that version of me right now without help, without my medication or my therapist, without the support of my family & friends I wouldn’t be where I am today. And today, even as I post about my figure and new clothes etc… Our family is going through an extremely hard time. Just because I may seem good, in real life, behind the camera, life is definitely not all sunshine and roses, in fact, its cruel and unfair.

But we get through. And choose to focus on the smallest moments of light, rather than making ourselves ill or avoiding things completely.

Be kind. No matter who you are, or who it is. You never know what could be happening right now, and they may need a friend❤

****(Including me, believe me I’ve been that person sat moaning when really I was envious of one snapshot in time)



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