EMDR – The reliving stage.

Following on from my previous post in this series, i explained how your therapist will prepare you for the final stage of the EMDR process – reliving. Here, everything you’ve worked on throughout your sessions, especially the grounding techniques and belief systems will really need to come into play.

**DISCLAIMER** I just want to make clear the fact my therapy took place during the Covid 19 Pandemic. I’m aware everyone’s experiences will be unique, and each therapy is tailored to that person specifically, my experiences, therefor are not correct for everyone.

The Final Sessions…

The session started with my therapist checking in on me, and explaining once more the process, including any disclaimers about if I feel uncomfortable/vulnerable etc. As I was at home, i used the tapping technique, however face to face, it’s more known to use eye movement. (For my experience luckily, I found it easier to tap rather than move my eyes as this can cause some people distress and comfort.) For more information on the Eye movement process, see the links below.

The first tapping lasts only around 5 seconds, you will focus on a point & imagine being in your traumatic situation. The constant tapping on my legs helps to turn negative memories, into new positive ones. Every tapping sequence was split with a body scan, i would see how i feel and explain which parts of the memory are still causing my stress. I used the idea of being in the situation now as an adult, being able to help the younger version of my self, explaining what was going on, and comforting the child in me.

Slowly but surely, I could feel myself relax, the distress levels decreased with every sequence and I started to believe I could finally face this once and for sure. After one memory, it made the next memory so much easy to process as most of the coping strategies were eclectic, and relevant to each trauma.

In total, I had 2 reliving sessions, and both were the same process, the only difference was the trauma I focused on. The lasts session was rounded off with an aim for my future, something positive to focus on & also concluding how I felt now compared to the beginning of my session.

How Do I feel now?

Overall – I would highly recommend EMDR therapy for the treatment of PTSD. After 8 years, im now able to go back to those memories, switch straight back to the now, and feel no distress at all.

I hope these posts have been somewhat helpful to atleast 1 person struggling out there…



Stay Safe, love yourself, it will get better. @fxyogilife
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