Facing my fears: Driving

A few weeks ago, i took the plunge and finally bought myself a car so I can start driving again. You see, I passed my test in 2017 and got a cute little peolugeut, but i felt anxious in it, and after stalling what felt like over 100 times in the space of 2 trips, i proceeded to hibernate & leave it on the Drive to rot away.

Eventually, I couldnt face seeing it everyday. It was a reminder of my failure. Proof I was useless. And it just made me feel worse; so I sold it, and put the money back in savings for something when I wasn’t actually terrified of leaving the house…

3 years later, I’m now living in my own flat, and I’m getting my confidence back up. I was ready, so I jumped in feet first, straight into the deep end. I had to drive the car back from somewhere I’d never been before, a 40 minute drive. And i was scared yes, but in a different way. I had butterfly’s in my belly, i felt safe, and I knew it was the right time.

Facing our fears can be hard, especially if we’ve had previous negative experiences with certain situations. You should never do something just because you feel you should, and if it makes you feel bad, then that’s a big sign it isn’t right. However, if we can tell ourself we know we’ll be safe, and allow ourselves the time to grow as people, mentally – we can do anything we set our minds too. We can change, and once we overcome those fears and turn them into things we can gain pleasure from, we can change our lives. Live to the fullest of our potential, and make dreams a reality.

Whats something that you were scared to do, but once accomplished made you feel ecstatic?? Let me know below🥰

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