Finding Balance

Balancing self care with responsibility is so difficult for the best of us, let alone during this pandamic. To have a complete rounded routine including work, social, self care etc, seems impossible, and I’d lie if I said I had this nailed down… I do not!

Keeping a routine which is also flexible (I.e can change to alter needs) and following this will benefit keeping focus. The main thing is to prioritise what you need, weather that be a night with friends after a long day work, or time for yourself in between errands, its hard to do errands & relax I know believe me, but it really does help creating the time in advance.

For example, if you work 9-5 like me, try wake up a little earlier to practice yoga, meditate or whatever will make you feel good from the get go. Then, you go to work, maybe take time on your break to phone family/friends, or read, have a walk. Then, once works finished you have the time to complete whats needed, after already having taken you time, time for social (friends & family), and work.

It takes time, and most people, will never fully accomplish true balance within life, as long as you’re happy and content along the way, that’s all that matters.

Until the next time,


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