Go to self care ideas💗

We all have those days where we just feel down, don't want to leave the house and just wish we could stay in bed! For me recently, this seems to be a lot more than usual, but having a great go-to self-care list can help trigger you to do something soothing for your soul☕

Here's my Top 10 of self-care tips I love to go back to whenever I need a boost🙏

1 - Grab a hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate 🍫

2 - Read a book & get lost in another world for a while.

3 - Take a long walk, with no phones. JUST YOU AND MOTHER NATURE. (Optional pet for comfort)

4 - Hot bubble bath, light your candles, have a good pamper session.

5 - Dance Party: Turn up those cheesy hits and dance to your hearts content.

6 - Call your friends or family for a catch up.

7 - Take a day off, watch Netflix or Youtube (My favs atm. Elle Darby, Sarahs Day, or Sabrina on Netflix)

8 - Play a game, e.g. crash bandicoot is an great one to completely focus your mind on.

9 - Put on matching underwear (just for you! Believe me, you will feel so much more put together)

10 - Meditate/practice yoga or exercise. Get those endorphins working.

Extra tip - Create a vision board on Pintrest for all your manifestations. Refer back to this when you feel un-motivated or lost. Feel the excitement and rush of energy at the thought of your new life. See mine for reference here:

Let me know if you have any extra self-care tips you like to go to! The list can always get bigger!

Look after yourselves and stay positive. ''You got this!''

Eve X

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