On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Yoga Gave to me…

Let’s be real, everyone loves lighting lots of candles and getting the home all cosy full of lights around this time of year… It makes everything so much more festive, bright and warm at the same time. But did you know that you can actually use Candles for a yogic cleansing practice known as a Kriya/Shatkarma.

Trataka or Candle Gazing, is one of the Kriyas/Yogic Cleansing techniques. Its aimed at cleansing the eyes/retina; as well as our third eye chakra. To perform Trataka, light a candle and sit around 1m distance away. Stare at the candle as long as you can before blinking to draw tears. The chemicals in our tears help to eliminate toxins and purify sight.


  1. Cleanses Eyes

  2. Helps to relieve Insomnia

  3. Can help relieve anxiety (Be aware of caution.)

  4. Improves concentration & focus.

  5. Gives a sence of power.

  6. Can be used as a Drishti point during meditation.


  1. Do not practice if you suffer from any eye conditions e g. Glaucoma or Detached Retina.

  2. If you suffer from epilepsy please avoid. Or – Consult your GP before practicing.

  3. Do not practice on the sun.

  4. If you suffer with mental health problems; this may trigger an attack. Please practice with caution.

Good luck with your practice, remember to breathe. Live, and let go of any worries.

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes!

Eve X

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