On the 5th Day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…

Who loves a good sing along at Christmas time? Almost everyone right! That joyous festive feeling we get listening to the usual Christmas songs warm our heart, make us feel safe. There’s a reason for that; its down to mantras, Manifestation and law of attraction.

Think about this… When we sing Christmas/ Carol songs or hymns, we are in fact performing the act of mantra. In Yoga, these sounds or repeated phrases are spoken aloud to bring about specific wishes or manifestations such as health and love. If you’ve read the Secret, you’ll also know manifestation can stretch far further than that, and the law of attraction is an incredibly powerful tool once mastered.

Mantra = A sound, word or poem with significant meaning, has the power to manifest and Increase energy.

When you next find yourself singing along to festive songs, or any music for that fact, dance around; really raise your vibrations and put out the energy you wish to receive. Its also a really good time to set intentions for the new year. Visualise this when you feel this rush of joy. – I rocked out to Let it snow & low and behold! 10 minutes later it started snowing.. In Manchester… In the UK where it only ever rains😅

Enjoy your next Christmas sing along, lets cheer up the nation and increase the overall vibration of the energy for good.

Merry Christmas & Happy Manifesting!

Eve X

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