On the 6th Day of Christmas, Yoga gave to me…

Whats Christmas more about to you? Presents or Prescence?…

Trick question! ( I hope🤣 )

The majority of us are lucky enough to remember being young and believing in father Christmas. It was another kind of magic that just got you excited to the point you felt sick and nervous, but couldn’t be anywhere else other than right there in bed, waiting to wake up, with no fear or worry about the past or future. Yes Christmas is more for the children and getting gifts of Santa. So what is it all about for us adults? Left with the cold un-magical truth that we pay for everything🤣

How about we focus on just being in the present moment this year? Forget the phones/social media… Don’t read any news article on lockdown or the latest political bullsh*t. Just be wuth yourself, your loved ones (If you’re still lucky to have them), and be here; In the now.

Prescence is the greatest gift you can allow yourself💭

Everyone can get so caught up these days that we forget what day it is, were so busy working and worrying that we end up wasting almost half of our life elsewhere in our heads. And ill admit that I’m most certainly a culprit of ruminating; But im trying my hardest to be more present whenever I’m present enough to notice!

Through yogic practice, meditation and short pranayama/breathing control, we can train our minds to become more present each day. In turn reducing our anxiety and increasing our overall wellbeing and health/peace of mind.

Be in the now this Christmas. Don’t let any more memories pass you by.

Lots of love & wishes!

Eve X

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