Root Chakra: Mūlādhāra

The first of our seven Chakras is our Root Chakra, based at the bottom of our spine, including our legs and feet. It is the Earth element, and represents expansion of life, our basis of survival and grounding/safety. We use this chakra to root down into the earth with our energy and manifest.

Stored here are early memories, including whether or not our basic needs were met. It creates feelings of survival, belonging and protection through family ties bonds. Consequently, it acts as a base to sync all chakras. If this chakra becomes blocked, you may become insecure and hold a fear of survival or the wider world. However, when In balance, it allows security, stability, a sense of belonging & confidence.


  2. Element: EARTH

  3. Colour: RED

  4. Mantra: LAM = ‘I AM’

  5. Mudra: GNYAN *Connect thumb and pointer finger, palms down on knees*

  6. Asana: VRKSASANA = Tree Prose.

Root chakra: Mudra

Sacral Chakra: Svadhisthana / coming soon

Solar Plexus: manipura / coming soon

Heart chakra: anahata / coming soon

Throat chakra: visuddha / coming soon

Third Eye: ANJA / coming soon

Crown Chakra: sahasrara / coming soon

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