The Secret to your future…

Whats everyone elses thoughts on the Law of Attracttion? And have you read ‘The Secret’?

Eve Fox Yoga

Why do we feel the need to stay in toxic jobs, relationships or situations that make us feel uncomfortable, weigh us down and prevent us from truly living for our selves. To me, it seems ridiculous, after learning and putting ‘The secret’ into practice I don’t see any reason why I should stay in that situation every day, limiting my beliefs and capabilities, when I can just act as if, feel as If, rid my mental demons and love myself and my life just as it! It seems easy enough, but i can image you all saying it doesn’t pay the bills etc, people can’t live that lifestyle or it doesn’t happen to people like us!

Well… That’s the exact reason people get stuck in a rut (whatever that may be), just surviving every day in despair. Because you say you are, and you believe that you are. You accept…

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