We stand united.

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Most days. This is how my thoughts make my body feel.

Its normal to feel overwhelmed with all the hurt in the world going on right now🌍

Its okay to be all fuzzy and confused.

Its okay to be angry and not know why.

Its okay to speak about your traumas and mental health.

– Whats not okay… Is treating anyone differently based on ANY grounds.

All beings are believed to have a Purusha (Sanskrit puruṣa पुरुष). This is a cosmic source/entity inside everyone us. In the Vedas, the upanishad believe Purusa was a man, who sacrificed himself to God, giving all humans life.

The purusa is in everyone one of us, and Hindus believe this is our true self. This is one of the many reasons I struggle to understand racism, and why people feel they can harm others due to the colour of their skin. Whilst I consider and appreciate my White Priveldages, I’ve been brought up to treat everyone with respect and judge them on how they treat me, not their skin colour etc. This ideal, is the same as a Purusa. Deep down, we are all the same. We’re united as one entity.

I stand with Black Live Matter. I am educating myself on your struggles. I stand with you. And I pray one day, we can live a world full of love and peace across all humanity.

We are all Human. We are all one Purusa. We stand together. United. ✨❤


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