What Is Yoga?

To me, when I first began practising, yoga was just the asanas, a bunch of cool poses that you needed to be really flexible for, and you’d show them off in front of some stunning landmark to post on your Instagram 🤦‍♀️

Most of you probably think the same and in some aspect it kinda is! But boy are we wrong. Yes you can create beautiful magical shapes to inspire and motivate others! However the real magic is what lies beneath the asanas, the other 7 limbs of yoga, the true depth and understanding of the inner self in order to connect to the divine. Yoga come from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to unite. Its about connecting to the inner self, mind, breath along with something bigger than you, whether that be a god, guardian angel or just the universe at whole.

After attending classes, whilst practising more regularly and researching all I could about the philosophy behind yoga: I realised myself, that i could only truly learn all I needed to know through myself, through practice, meditation, mantras and prayers. The main lesson learnt is that i’ll always be a learner, there will always be a better teacher, more experienced yogi, and its important to embrace this, rather than shy away with envy… This is how you’ll truly master your inner peace.

This overwhelming feeling of inner peace is the goal, not to get our legs wrapped round our heads, likewise to be able to stand our heads…

Its about how we feel on the inside, on the journey there. If you can only move an inch, but you feel everything, this is where we want to be, here is where you will find yourself awakening to something exciting. That something exciting, is you, and your realisation that once we unite with our selves and the universe.

Believe me, its magical…

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